If you could live one fairy tale which one would it be?
-sleeping beauty and never to wake up ever….
Who would you sacrifice your life for?

-my kids
Who do you love the most?

Is the saying true blood is thicker than water?

If you could be with one person in the world who would it be?

-3 actually, my kidz
If you could bring one person back who would it be?

– cant think of anyone at the moment.
If you could wish one person out of your life who would it be?
Who do you hate the most?

-si ___ ___
Love the most?

Miss the most?

-my family,friends
Have the most fun with?

– my family,friends
whom Would spend your life with?
-my kids
Would spend your life without?

Who have you know the longest?

-my kids
Who looks most like you?

-my kids
How many people have you dated this year?

f you had only one friend who would it be?

-just myself
If you could eat anything right now what would it be?

-pizza and pasta
Do you love your friends or family more?
-parehas lang
What is your favorite band?

What is your favorite song?

Did you ever cut yourself purposely?

Did you ever cry to get out anger?-

alwayts does
Did you ever cry over a boy/girl?

-always did
Do you have a boyfriend? who?

– n0ne
If you could change one point in your life would you?

-yes.. not just one point… ill change m,y whole life.. over haul it
What religion are you?

How do you feel today?

-tired, bored and very unproductive
If you could be anywhere right now where would it be?

-at home wid my kids
What is your favorite candy?

How long do you like your relatioships to last?

-not t0 last actually
How did your last relationshp end?Do you miss it?

-it just ended… miss??? nah…
Were your ever really in love?
whats the last thing you would say to one person b/4 dieing?

-im sorry
If you were in love would you get married before college?

– i sort of did already
Do you have more guy friends or girl friends?

If you could be at any point in your life what would it be?

– a good person
If you had to pick a way to die how would it be?

-instant death
Do you like yourself?

What do you wish to become someday?

-a good person
Do you trust people easily?

How important is school to you?

-before, when i was in school, hindi gaano.. but now, very much..
What song are you listening to right now?

If you could talk to anyone now who would it be?

-R…he knows who he is..
Delivery is at the door at your house who is it from ?
-beats me!
what is your perfect date like?

-no such thing as perfect..meaning havent had one
if you could completely change who you are would you?


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