how to heal a broken heart

Taking a step forward after a bloody break up is never easy. It’s like a whole army’s work but can only be done by one person. There’ll be lots of glitches along the long road towards recovery. You are blinded by resentment, insecurity, despair and the feeling of betrayal. These unwanted negative emotions hinder us from moving on. We cannot control those people who had broken our hearts, but we can control ourselves not to wallow into the darkness, not to sulk into depression. Granted that we’ve been shattered into a million pieces, but if there is someone who can help put back the pieces together to make us whole again, you got to take a better look in the mirror. You’ll find the answers there. Here are some tips to mend that broken heart.
1.       Open line with family and friends
-it helps if you’ll be able to unload your burden by confiding to family or friend about what has happened, what you’re feeling and everything. They can give you moral support, advises to help you overcome depression.
2.       Acceptance.
          The ability to accept what has happened. To face the truth and recognize it helps a bit give you a better idea what to do next.
3.       Focus
          This time, focus on yourself. Go back to what you used to do before which doesn’t include your ex. Put yourself on top of your priority list. You can be selfish for now.
4.       Time
-give yourself time to think, realize and rejuvenate. It helps if you go for long walks and assess yourself and your feelings, plan what comes next.
5.       Positivity
          Try to be positive about everything that’s been happening. You may be hurting but you have to look on the positive side of the pain for you to be able to plan the next step.
6.       Go Fishing
-there are lots of fishes in the sea. It won’t hurt if you go out and take time to scout the area for different kind of sea creatures. I’m not saying you immediately try to hook the fishes, all I’m trying to say is you can go out and observe, try to see what kind of fishes you wanted to hook up with.
There goes my tips, I know it’s easier said than. But somehow these tips may help you heal your broken heart. It will help you to pick up the broken pieces and start over again.
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6 Responses to how to heal a broken heart

  1. Anonymous ay nagsasabing:

    broken hearted ka ba te?kenino, kay bbw?kay PP ka n lang. mabait it. jejeje

  2. lio loco ay nagsasabing:

    o eh sinulat mo ba 'to para ba sakin sa pang-hinaharap?wag naman sana. kasaklap! hahay…

  3. Led ay nagsasabing:

    Dun sa positivity, i was actually thinking of Auguste Compte's positivism. Pero think positive lang pala yun. lol XD

  4. Poldo ay nagsasabing:

    Sana pala napost mo toh nung panahong nagbreak tayo.. uuuiii intriguing wahahaha joke lang po!..Very well said.. tamang tama sa mga broken hearted walang labis walang kulang… Ginawa ko dati para makamove on?? charan!! kumain ng kumain kaya tabaching ching na ako ngayon hhihihihi…

  5. YanaH ay nagsasabing:

    @ anonyMOUSE.. este anonymouscno ka naman? at cno naman yang PP na cnsb mo? sumasuggest kapa.. baket.. close ba tayetch??? hay naku..@ LIOwhahaha in preparation? adikk hindi noh.. im not trying to predict the outcome.. i want you to be happy naks… gusto ko sa sunod makita kita eh matino kang tingnan hindi bangag sa utot este alak hahahaha@ LEDyep..think positive! wag kang bibitaw ba yun? yung ke robin p. hahahaha@ Poldohindi ko na nga matandaan kung kailan tayo nagbreak eh wahahahahahaapir! ganyan din ang ginawa/ginagawa ko(parang contradicting sa post ko hahaha) kaya eto.. bloated dolphin ang kahitsuraan 😀

  6. rainbow box ay nagsasabing:

    wow!! let's go fishing!! teh pwedeng lambat ang dalhin? saka na mamili pag nakuha na? lol! =Pway to go strong girl! :-*

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