i feel like ive lost my grip at writing..for a while my life felt empty. i stopped bringing pen and paper with me not like what i used to do before. there’s this emptiness..there’s this incompleteness…i havent been writing for quite sometime. its not because there’s nothing worth writing that has happened in the past months, contrary to that almost all of the major decisions in my life has been decided during my hiatus, why the hell am i not writing? HINDI KO KAYA! for some reason …for quite some time.. i couldnt write….couldnt seem to construct one sentence na may sense. kung kailan napakaraming dapat isulat saka hindi makabuo ng kahit ano..
and now, i feel like ive been silent for so long. i need to breathe, i need to write…writing’s my way of getting away from everything… writing’s my way of being sane once again…kaya here i am now… trying to get a feel of it…. trying to write again…..
trying to be normal again….(although my friends swears im really abnormal by nature hehehe)
trying to go back to how it was before…
trying to breathe..
trying to live….
trying to be me again…

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One Response to trying….

  1. MarcoPaolo ay nagsasabing:

    keep on writing kahit di gaano kadalas… 😀

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