i’ll keep this one short, straight and simple. i wouldnt dwell into the deatils for now.. maybe in the future, ill be able to tell you guys what has been bugging me for the past two weeks now….. its like im on a time bomb here… may sarili akong countdown.. right now, i only have 1 day and 22 hours left to decide my fate……i wouldnt say that this is all about my goin back home… part of it yes… it is definitely part of it pero hindi un ung pinaka issue dito. ang gusto ko lang naman sabihin eh, humihingi ako ng tulong sa inyo…. i need all the prayers i can get.. sabi nila mas naririnig daw ni Papa Jesus kapag marami ang nagdadasal……mas malakas daw ang signal kapag maramihan ang dating… i need a clear state of mind… in less than 2 days from now kakailanganin kong magdecide… magdecide hindi lang for my own fate but for my children’s welfare as well..

this past few days, medyo happy-go-lucky ang tema ng blog ko, konting emote……. the usual kakiyan as well as with the usual katuwaan stories with additional kathang isip na mga wento.. nililibang ko lang ung sarili ko, pero this past few days errr let me say the past week, ive been really doomed.. got a lot of things n my mind….its hellish! as in.. these were the hardest days of my life… believe me.. i am not exaggerating things here.. thats just the way it is lang talaga.

so, yun, going back… i hope u guys include me in your prayers… help me have a clear state of mind so that ill be able to come up with the right decision……..my whole life as well as my children’s lives depends on this…

thank you sa patuloy na pagtangkilik sa blog ko… hindi ko alam kung anong mangyayari sa mga susunod na araw, just to let all of you know, ive been blogging for several years now.. all i did was create and delete everytime na nagooverhaul ang buhay ko, i never interacted with other bloggers, i just did my thing and just write my stuffs, never caring about receiving comments or what… but with this recent blog i have.. its been exactly 5 months since i started this life’s a twitch blog… i want all of you guys to know how happy ive been the past months of my blogging career.. (naks ahihihihi) how ive learned from all your blog entries as well, relating my story has never been this easy. and im glad ive gained friends through this blogging thing.napatunayan ko na na may makikilala ka rin dito na hindi lang “friends-friends” kundi real friends as in real na hindi ka talaga iiwan…people who will stand by you…magkakalayo man tayo ng lokasyon, these real people-real friends, ginagawa ang lahat ng makakaya nila para makatulong… tested and proven ko na yan.. maraming, maraming salamat.. you guys know who you are… maraming salamat talaga. words are not enough errr i couldnt find the right words to tell you how thankful i am…basta salamat.. i will forever be in debt…

as i end this blog entry, allow me to leave you a few words….

-minsan kailangan natin gumawa ng mali para marealize natin na hindi solusyon ung kung ano mang ginagawa natin sa kasalukuyan.

– at the end of the day, things will work out…(im actually holding on to this)

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