If Only


I believe that dreams are important and they should be listened to.


If you have one day left, what would you do?

Its easy…im no brainy…..i’d spent it with you.

closeness…intense closeness…

If we could ahve that, nothing would hurt us…

Death doesnt put an end to love.

Thank you for the perfect day.

I will sing them, one day..someday…

One day, someday…. is here….

This one’s a heart, my heart and its yours…

It doesnt matter if just have 5 minutes or 50 years…

If not for you, if not with you…i wouldnt know love…

11:00 PM

Some things are out of our control.

He knew and he kept trying to tell me…

He told me how i taught him to love.

Loving him was just so easy for me

You might be wondering what the hell am i talkin about.. the above were lines from a movie i soooooo love..those were lines from the movie “If Only”. and for the nth time ( hmmm which is actually 18th time) ive watched it again. I told myself tonight id go movie marathon but i ended up watching just one movie..and this one is it. i dont know why i dont get tired of watching this.i dont even like jenniffer love hewitt but i love the leading man ahihihihi..its a 2004 film performed by Jennifer love Hewitt who plays the role of Samantha, a music student from America studying in some music school in London and her British businessman boyfriend Ian Wyndhamn played by Paul Nicholls.
The story goes like, after his girlfriend dies of a car accident (they nearly broke up)..the boyfriend gets the chance to relieve that specific day in the hope of bein able to change the destiny….Samantha being killed.. so he tried to change everything that has happened before but the keypoints still kept happening.. but this time, he made her feel special..important, he made her feel loved and appreciated. He wasnt able to change those things that are meant to happen but he was able to change the ending though, instead of Samantha getting killed, he sacrificed himself, he died and Samantha lived.

If Only – Love Will Show You Everything-Jennifer Love HewittClick here for another funny movie.

I actually have several “if only’s” in my life, but i wouldnt dwell into the details now for i would just bore you to death and this entry will be as long as the endless traffic in EDSA, what im trying to say is that, we often take forgranted people around us, people who is always there loving us with no extent, with no reasons at all, just those people who love us, accept us for who we are ..no questions asked. we often thought that they will always be there, so we’ll just get back to them later that we fail to see how much sacrificed they did for us, how much of their lives evolved in ours. If only we opened our eyes earlier then this wouldnt have happened… If only i tried to appreciate him/her, then he wouldnt have left me….If only i tried to listen to him/her, then maybe he/she would still be here.. things like that.. that we end up regretting everything we did and what we did not do..We should take time to appreciate all the things that those people around us are doing for us, for we never know when they will leave us.. we never know what happens tomorrow..we never know if that same person who we took forgrantedwill still be a part of our tomorrow…

the end…. ahihihihihi

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