yesterday’s events…

after the general assembly, we attended mass and afterwards headed to luna’s place.. another one of those sing-along sessions of the friday group..with guests (ahihihihi) from chapter 2, william and jeff

mga feeling models… bro joel, sis nina, bro daniel, sis kat and me… at the mission house.. photographers were sis kat’s friends/officemates..

taken inside zabeel park, dubai.. took pictures of the place as i was walking to meet up with julius…co-blogger…nyahahahaha was a long walk from gate 6 to gate 3 to where he was. i guess he forgot to mention the gate where he was located at that time… so when i got off from gate 6, i was forced to take a walk weragin 3 inch heels lang naman.. it took all my powers to get to where he was.. lots of oil were produced from that long walk… that was around 11-11:30am..
pwede na pangfry ng chicken hahaha. we had lunch at burjuman mall… chat a bit… but the conversation was cut short as i still have appoinment around 2pm, we got into taxi where we found a canon digicam, probably forgotten by previous passenger, hehehe to make it short, we took it..even used it already in the general assembly i attended. he took me to the bus station and said our goodbyes.. he went somewhere else.. i went with my way.. hahaha
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