nonesense me

foolish games of my foolish heart
hear me once, hurt me not

****here i go again, fallin again..
and then loosin it all again
watch him walk away
watchin as the world pass me by
rememberin conversations
silly argumentations
never had the chance

hear me out just this once
give my heart another chance


and now i allowed myself to heal
the wounds you caused my heart and my tears
listen to me as i sing my heart
i sing to you my love wont last
i wish i can undone things in the past
but i know it cannot be done

its freakin 3 o clock in the morning here and im wide awake. ive counted all the sheeps and stars in my imagination and i still cant sleep. got no one else to talk to. seems like when everybody else’s resting their weary minds and body, here i am, fully awake with nothing to do and no one to talk to..

i hate this……..
or maybe its because,
i think i like him….but i know he doesnt like me

waaaaaaa stupid, scattered idea…senseless…

yeah…definitely nonesense me….CM, give me an award…..wahihihihihi (witchy laugh)

i think im nuts

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