Pink is back!

yesterday afternoon, i received a call from Mr. Pink shirt in his etisalat sim… said he’s on his way back to dubai. uhmmm okay.. so, what was i suppose to do? am i suppose to meet up with him in deira? i mean, ano ba expect nya? well, i was in deira din naman din kasi yesterday until 8pm i think. from the time he crossed the border, he’s been updating me abuot his whereabouts..its like he’s expecting me wait for him or something. by 7:30, i was already in the bus station going to sharjah.. he called and said he might be late cause of too much traffic.. i told him i cant and will not be able to meet up with him last night. why? because im freakin tired and i dont wanna see him just yet. now, why is it that i dont want t see him yet? wala lang.. ewan ko… im glad and happy for him na nakabalik na sya and on employment VISA na.. at least wala na syang problema… pero, un lang un at hanggang dun lang un.

this morning, since malapit ung pinuntahan ko sa area where he’s staying, i decided to give him a call, he might be interested to meet up.. well he di ayun nga nagkita kami.. kwento ng konti… after nun nagpaalam na ako that ive to go home.. and so we parted ways.. i dont know kung magkikita pa ulit kami.. maliit lang ang dubai… ewan!

he told me in one of his emails… promise i’ll call u on the 26th…26 ngayon… i have been rejecting phone calls from other people just in case he might call.. stupid idea ( i know pero ginagawa ko pa rin!) considering ive call wait features.. lecheng feelings kasi toh!

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