long mail….no say….

i had to take a deep breath after reading his mail. at first look, i was really excited to receive a long mail from him. that was the first time, hmm was it? or maybe it was 2nd or third.. well, its just that its not everyday he sends me long emails.. and when he does that, i know something’s up..well, this time, something’s up…
i dont know what it is…. i dont even know how to react sa email nya. i dont know, i really dont know. i dont even know what to feel. i cant explain the emptiness i felt after i finished reading his mail. i dont know what to say. he’s asking if im amd at him. im not.. why should i? there’s no reason to be mad at him. and i have no right to be..he said he will call me on the 26th. after this email, i mean what can we possibly talk about? what can i or what should i say to him?
i know, im not expecting him to be the same… that im not expecting him to feel the same way feelings i feel for him. and its not like it will happen.. not in a million years… i know…here’s just me wishful thinkin’…he tols me not to fall for him.. what whould i do now? how can i stopmyself from falling when ive fallen already? parang nakakahiya…why? because.. he’s unavailable..he is more than comitted..from the very start, alam ko na yun and yet i still let myself go on with my illusion..he told me not just once na baka it will not be the same pag nagkita na kami.. i dont think so.. im not like other girls out there.. i dont think like them.. im not after the looks or the whole great package thing..basta, all i know is that ive fallen for him.. tanggap ko naman na walang ibang mangyayari at walang kahihinatnan toh..bahala na… basta! bahala na si batman!
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