1 month plus

ive just been told that about Mr. Pink Shirt will be staying for 10 more days in the remote control villa in Oman. his stupid company just applied or just started to process his employment VISa.. so he will be waiting for it there… plus 10 more days… i think he’ll be 1 month plus there already..

i was able to talk to him when i called earlier this afternoon, apparently, after staying there for about 20+ days, now nya lang naisip to buy an oman sim para mas mura ang tawag at text sa knya.. ewan ko ba! nways, un nga i just talked to him and he seemed happy naman there… hahaha baka mamya he doesnt wanan go back na … he sounds as if he’s contented already there eh ahihihihihihi

its a very longggggggggggggggggg vacation for him hehehe

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