then there’s Mr. Email…..

lots of Mr.s in my life… ahihihihihihi
then there’s Mr. Email… i dont know what to call him.. i dont even know what we are.. 90% is that were friends. i met him (not personally ha..) in some community on line.. several months ago and since then weve been corresponding through email. lemme tell you soemthing about mr. Email..he’s one sweet , sensitive guy.. pano ko nalaman? bAsta1 ahihihihi. matagal-tagal an rin kami magka email and weve talked a lot of things mainly about me… yup.. about me… about him… sa details wala ako masyadong alam kasi hindi sya masyado nagkkwento pero, somehow may nalalaman na rin ako.. he started something and it helps me to get to know him better. i think he is a very lovable person…super caring pa…he knows how to make you smile… he always know the right words to say and the right time to say it. i dont know how pero he’s really good at it.. and he has a way with words.. he doesnt know it.. or maybe he does but just doesnt believe in it.. his writings are really something. mayeb because its really personal..nmention ko ba na he is older than me? yup he is.. very wise about life… he tells you things na talgang tatak sayo..maybe because marami na rin syang napagdaanan, it made him wiser in life… made him what he is now.. he lovesssssssss his family very much…i envy his family specially his kids.. may very loving father sila na katulad nya.. unlike me and my kids.. same fate…same fate—-same fate..(sometimes life can be really cruel)
we agreed to meet up if pupunta sya dito.. pero mukhang malabo na.. nag-iba na yata sila ng schedule or soemthing.. i hope to meet him some day..i dont know how to end this entry… kasi, with us, i dont think it will ever end… siguro for as long as he wants me to email him, i will.. ill just stop kapag sinabi nya to stop the email….
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