Mr. Pink shirt no where in sight

Mr. Pink Shirt should be back here in dubai by now. i dont know what has happened. for the past week, ive been calling the agency, following up..asking for updates regarding his VISA status. but they tell me the same old thing.. still posted.. still posted..i wonder when he’ll be able to get back. i did not call the agency eysterday, i dont know. i suddenly got tired of following up, i know i shouldnt.. he’s counting on me to help him with that. i got tired texting him, i dont know why, maybe because i got irritated by him. the only thing that you can read from his text is “i miss u so much” nakakasawa, nakakainis na…. pero i know i still have to do it.. thats the only help i can extend to him..i know pinanghihinaan na rin sya ng loob dun, sino ang hindi, when youre stuck there…when youre stranded in the very remote and miserable day. i wonder how he eats since pinagbawal nung mangaer ng hotel na magluto dun sa villa.. apparently, the villa has a local arab neighbor na nagsumbong dun sa manager ng hotel na those guys staying in the villa were cooking, i dont see anything wrong with that. gusto lang nila dun kumain sa hotel nila ung mga tao.. para kumita sila.. my God! for every meal you have to spend 10dirhams and its not worth it. samantalang ung 10dirhams nila kapag nagluto sila sa villa, 3 whole meals na nila un for the whole day.. they’re really not helping at all. well, i still hope Mr. Pink shirt gets back soon.. cos im planning to leave.. i still wanna see him before i go sana..i kindda miss him…nakaktuwa kasi sya…

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