beach party!!

ive been busy…
2 days church activities..
but last night, i had a gooooooooood time!
Beach partyyyyyyy!
friends decided to give me an advance birthday party at the beach!!!!
today’s the last day of the long vacation cause of the EID celebration here. friends thought it a nice idea to celebrate my birthday ahead of time sakto sa holiday.
they provide the finances.. i provide the cooking…Whew! tired..tired..tired..but had a good tiem talaga.

hot and spicy tuna pasta
macaroni salad
chicken/pork adobo
pork barbecue
fruit salad
grilled fish
chips chips chips
VSOP ahihihihi (i didnt drink! promise! ahihihihihi)

started cooking around 6:30 in the evening.. finished everything by 9pm.. we all arrived sa beach 10pm.. stayed until wee hours ..went home around 5am.. tired, filthy but happy…

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