“ma, bili ka airplane para sakay ako dun, puntahan kita. layo ka kasi, mis na kita.”
words from my eldest julyanah marie…

i miss them soooooooooooooo much..i wanna go home and be with them, spend time with them, watch them grow up, see them in school, go with them to school activities, play with them…i dont know if ill be able to do those things…

its almost 3 months since i left philippines, and every single day is a struggle knowing that im far away from my kids. they dont have their parents with parents to guide them, no parents to be with them (just lola and sad life is…) my eldest (julyanah marie) is 4 years old.. superrrrr kulit, middle kid (josef kahlil) superrrrrrrr sutil, and my youngest (jillian margaret) 7 months old…i still dont know superrr what…. i left when she was 4 months. it hurts to think na hindi man lang nya ako makilala personally. it hurts to think na her first words wouldnt mama, all her firsts.. i wouldnt be able to witness….what to do? in order to give them a good life, ive to sacrifice not being with them.. it hurts but ive not much of a choice. if only..
nah… scratch the “if only” part. wont do any good if i go on with the “if only”

this is definitely one of those times na i really wished im home..

i miss my angels…
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