pink shirt

i just got back from my vacation ahihihihihihihi (exit to oman)
it was quite an experience….we stayed in a villa as the hotel cannot accomodate our numbers…..there’s a playground.. volleball/soccer thing ground.. then there’s the beach..
for 4 1/2 days, that is where i stayed while waiting for the verdict of my VISA…. almost lost my mind waiting.. but thanks to those people na naging friends ko the entire exit thing… met lots of people.. there never was a dull moment with them.. 2 days after we got there.. some of those new found friends were to go home.. syempre mega lonely na naman ako. but still may natira pa rin…. still i can smile.. still i can laugh…for a while i didnt get worried about my status. then that same day, a friend called me told me ive been tagged multiple entry… (bein multiple entry gives you the 15 more days stay there and then another 3-5 days for reapplication of your VISA).. i was crying like sh!t that time…keep telling myself.. i dont wanna spend EID there..i wanna go home. i wanna see my kids.. be with them… all those tears na pinipigilan ko the entire trip biglang bumuhos..cant help it…after a while i got used to the idea. i was even motivating myself na magtatagal ako dun.. it will be a grand vacation for me. the next day was immigration’s last day.. wasnt hoping about anything at all since i already knew i was tagged mutiple entry… then a friend went up to me and asked me:

friend: “ano nga ulit last name mo?”
me: “bakit?”
friend: “hindi nga, ano nga last name mo?”
me: “bakit ba kasi?”
friend: “ayaw pa kasi sabihin! parang nakita ko yung name mo dun sa list.”
me: “list ng ano?” list ng magbabakasyon dito? hahaha”
friend: “gaga! list ng mga duamting VISA, list ng mga uuwi today”
me: “hindi nga?!” “sus! imposible! multiple kaya ako.”
friend: “bahala ka.. basta parang nakita ko eh, tingnan mo kaya”

mega run ako sa area where they release the visas… at hayun… paraning-ning pa ko sa paghanap ng name ko.. and YES! i found it!… hmmmmmm it took me a while para maregister sa utak ko na name ko nga un! as in OMG! name ko talaga yun.. 10x ko binasa… and it really was my name…..ilan beses ko binalik-balikan.. talagang pangalan ko yun… nagtititili ako sa superrrr saya na finally makakauwi na ako.. yipeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

then i saw him! i saw his reaction…. he mustve read my name already in the list.. he knew ill be goin home…bigla ako nalungkot…the whole time i was there.. sya talga ung lagi kong kausap… mapasimpleng bagay.. kalokohan…seryoso.. sya talga ung nakakaintindi sa lahat.. but he was tagged multiple… he was already there when i got there… he’s mr.Pink shirt…sa gabi kapag superrr hindi ako makatulog, bumababa ako sa room nila at ginigising sya para may makausap ako… gigising namna at kakausapin nya ako hanggang sa abutan an kami ng pagsikat ng araw..we’ll go and take a walk sa seashore.. still talking…

Mr. Pink shirt.. lives in Satwa with his sister. he was tagged multiple entry… today, he’s on his 16th day there.. 4 more days and he’s to go back here in dubai.. he promised to see me.. maybe he will, maybe he wont..doesnt really matter..i just hope everything works out well for him. the time i was to leave the villa… he looked so sad… nakakahawa ung kalungkutan nya.. he even lkooked as if he’s about to cry and i cant bear to see him like that…he’s about to say something, but what i did was, turned around.. walked out and never looked back..because if i did, i knew, ill cry… and mas mahirap yun..

why this feeling now? clouded judgement lang toh dahil sa exit thing… i know tomorrow of the day after tomorrow or the next week, i know ill forget him. this feeling will disappear..all this will be over. right now, were still texting… he keeps calling kahit super expensive.. he calls..

i just hope he’ll be okay and he’ll get back to dubai soon para maayos na nya buhay nya.. he’s been through a lot din…

more about Mr. Pink Shirt n the next coming entries..

oh by the way, he told me he’s single ahihihihihihihihi (lahat naman ng tao dito sa dubai pag tinanong mo, ang sagot single sila ahihihihihihihihihi)

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